Understanding Travelers Philanthropy

April 13, 2008, 6:52 pm
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“We get stakeholders on the ground visiting communities where they have business and philanthropic interests. Combining business opportunities with NGO project/community visits with cultural immersion and empathetic insight is essential for effective oversight and sustainable donor support worldwide.” -David Chamberlain

The CSR/CR Corporate Philanthropy Challenge:
Many multi national corporations are beginning to create or struggling to execute comprehensive corporate responsibility programs at overseas operations that partner with NGO’s in communities to create medical services, children’s education, and micro-enterprise training and funding while reducing their negative environmental impact and addressing climate change.

Exquisite Safaris Philanthropic Travel Corporate Donor & Advisor Services works closely with corporate stakeholders, philanthropic advisors (employees, customers, board members, investors) using a consultative methodology to inspire, educate and empower CR/CSR initiatives to navigate cross cultural issues, corporate/non-profit relations and sustainable effectiveness while upholding a respect for indigenous culture and environments.

Corporate Donor Philanthropic Travel is an essential element in the process of creating new corporate CR/CSR initiatives -not only in vetting potential NGO’s for future funding, but also to create authentic relationships based on cultural respect and shared vision. Our corporate advisor & travel services emphasize the importance of personal connections that flourish when sustainability, respect and profit are the ultimate goals.

Exquisite Safaris Corporate Donor Travel Services provides organizations with professional stakeholder visits to NGO projects that are aligned with their company’s humanitarian, economic and environmental CSR goals initiatives. Exquisite Safaris Corporate Donor Travel leverages the Creative Capitalism Model to create, manage and support customized CSR Initiatives.

Bill Gates on Creative Capitalism CR/CSR at the World Economic Forum
“In many crucial areas, the world is getting better…but it’s not getting better fast enough, and it’s not getting better for everyone,” Bill Gates said in Davos on Thursday as he called for a more concerted global drive toward what he calls “Creative Capitalism.”

He said that companies, especially the biggest ones, can improve the lot of the world’s least privileged by better aligning their self-interest with the good of society.

“There are two great forces –self interest and caring for others,” he said. But he noted that “profits are not always possible when business tries to serve the very poor.” However, he noted the power of “recognition which enhances a company’s reputation,” calling it a way to more strongly appeal to customers and attract better employees. Thus indirectly, he insisted, companies can concretely benefit by doing good.

Gates spoke of what he believes is the growing global movement for corporate social responsibility. But businesses, government and nonprofits need to work together better to “stretch the reach of market forces,” so more companies can make a profit doing work that will “improve the world.” (That phrase is included in the tagline that defines the purpose of the World Economic Forum.) -DAVOS, SWITZERLAND (CNN)

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