Understanding Travelers Philanthropy

Teach your Children Well: Travel Philanthropy

Marc Gold was set on the path he now travels when he was just a child, when his father, photographer Albert Gold, explained “the meaning of life.” He took the 8-year-old into the bathroom and had him look in the mirror. Gold recounts the conversation:

Albert: ”What do you see?’
Marc: ‘I see myself.’
Albert: ‘Okay. How old will you be in 70 years?’
Marc: ’78.’
Albert: ‘Okay, when you are 78 years old, look in the mirror again and ask yourself one question, because by then your life will be almost over: ‘Did you live a life that made this a better world or not? Very simple. If the answer is yes, I am proud of you, and if not, I am disappointed.’
Marc: ‘But how am I going to make this a better world?’
Albert: ‘That’s your job. You figure it out.’

Picture: Mark Tomaras

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