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Philanthropic Travel: Kerala Declaration on Responsible Tourism
March 23, 2008, 11:48 pm
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Children of Otavalo, Ecuador by David Chamberlain

Introducing The Philanthropic Travel Foundation

  • Review progress towards Responsible Tourism around the world, including initiatives in destinations as well as those of hotels and tour operators.
  • Discuss how tourism can contribute to local economic development and poverty reduction.
  • Consider how the environmental impacts can be effectively managed by the industry.
  • Evaluate the experiences of managers, tour operators and hoteliers in India who have undertaken activities to deepen responsible tourism.
  • Reflect on Kerala’s experience of working towards being a Responsible Tourism destination and to share it internationally.
  • Arrive at a common declaration on the state of the responsible tourism movement in the world that will charter the way forward.

Introducing Exquisite Safaris Philanthropic Travel Worldwide
Affluent citizens from European and North American (TOP: Top of the Pyramid) countries are traveling to exotic luxurious developing world destinations in record numbers. They are drawn to these destinations by the rich indigenous cultures, cuisine, festivals, traditions, World Heritage Sites as well as pristine wilderness experiences found there.

Our Commitment: $250 per Philanthropic Traveler -plus your loose change (tax deductible)is donated to our humanitarian projects worldwide.

Your Commitment: Just one Morning or Afternoon
Exquisite Safaris builds an authentic cultural introduction into each of our private, five star travel experiences which allows our clients to connect with the local communities as the guests of humanitarian outreach projects. This authentic cultural immersion creates a profound learning experience that changes perspectives.

Connecting at the Heart
The communities we visit appreciate how much the humanitarian project has improved their lives and welcomes the project’s guests as friends.

Teaching your Children about Philanthropy
Affluent parents are teaching their children to value philanthropy, cultural experiences, and other personally enriching activities above material goods according to the Third Annual
American Express Platinum Luxury Survey (2006). Ninety-one percent of responding parents indicated that they encourage their children to participate in charitable or philanthropic activities and almost two-thirds (62%) of children have donated a part of their own money to charity.

Pivotal Moments in every Visit
Our intention is to seed sustainable opportunity through personal introductions and intimate experiences. The contrast you will experience between a five star safari camp in Africa or a resort in Vietnam and the challenges local people are experiencing just down the road can be dramatic.

TOP meets BOP = Bottom of the Pyramid
Our intention is empower our travelers to meet and better understand the people and the projects that are changing lives in the communities they visit. Children learn, adults share information and resources and the top of the pyramid and the BOP bottom of the pyramid have a once in a lifetime chance to meet face to face.

Traveler Funded Projects Change Lives
Philanthropic Traveler tax deductible donations have already funded the following projects in Burma, Zambia, Tanzania. We are actively introducing travelers to projects in Cambodia, Vietnam, Ecuador and nearly every other country in Asia, Africa and South America through our strategic partnerships with foundations operating in those countries.

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