Understanding Travelers Philanthropy

The Logic of Philanthropic Travel
February 22, 2008, 7:37 pm
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Philanthropic Travel is a fantastic concept and a sign of the changing times. The paradigm of what it means to be an environmentalist and/or socially responsible is changing. I argue it MUST change. Not enough people are going to make a real difference by selling everything and giving it to the poor or a worthy environmental non -profit (especially rich folks). The problems we face are too big and the resources going toward solving them are too small in the all-or-nothing system we have today. I would argue that the only way the world is going to change is if we change the way the world does business.

Example # 1: Sam Adams, CEO of ‘Exploitative International’ goes on vacation every year to Europe and spends $5,000.
Who benefits? Expensive hotels, shops, airlines and Europe.

Example # 2: Sam goes on a Philanthropic vacation, spends the same $5,000 and helps a village build a well giving it access to clean water.
Who benefits? Expensive hotels & shops in a third world country AND the small village. Sam is going to spend $5,000 on his vacation every year regardless. And the reality is he will NOT forgo his vacation and (instead)write a check to a worthy non-profit.

Net, net, Exquisite Safaris isn’t going to change the world single-handedly true enough. But if the travel industry changes the way it does business (similar to that of Exquisite Safaris), we have a real and effective way of redirecting those resources to where they are needed. And if all industries change the way they do business ..who knows?” -Manny Siragusa

What’s your perspective?

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