Understanding Travelers Philanthropy

Travelers Philanthropy: We are the New Radicals -Julia Moulden

“I am very excited to be included in this important new book. It is full of innovative and meaningful entrepreneurial ideas: including a segment about “connecting at the heart,” the genesis of Exquisite Safaris Philanthropic Travel. We are the New Radicals is scheduled for release by McGraw Hill on December 21, 2007.” –David Chamberlain

“Across America and around the world, thousands of people who have found success in their chosen careers are getting the call to do something more with their lives -to give something back to a world desperately in need of their help. And you don’t have to be a billionaire to do so..

Each day, we hear new stories of the rich and powerful doing good works: Gates and Buffett, Clinton and Branson, Oprah and Bono. But do you have to be worth billions to do so? No. Can mere mortals transform how they earn their daily bread?

Absolutely Inspiring: practical advice for making your life more meaningful!

We Are The New Radicals presents a new group of role models -ordinary men and women who have reinvented their work so that it provides more meaning, and helps them make a difference in the world. The book offers practical advice for you to do the same. Moulden describes the three paths to becoming a New Radical -innovation, entrepreneurship, and activism-and helps you answer fundamental questions such as “What are my motivations?” “What skills can I leverage?” “What might I do?” and ‘How do I get there from here?”

Eighty million boomers have reached middle age, and surveys show that the vast majority aren’t interested in traditional retirement -in fact, they foresee twenty or thirty active and productive years to come. For a significant proportion of this group, money isn’t the prime motivator behind their desire to continue working. Somehow, without conferring with one another, but informed by the same experiences and influences, these boomers have collectively chosen a single midlife occupation: saving the world.

The New Radicals talk about wanting roles that are personally meaningful, and that allow them to make a difference in the world. We’re eager to reinvent what we do, taking our energy and expertise in new directions. In fact, we believe that while what we’ve accomplished so far is valuable and important, our greatest contribution is yet to come.

The roles we have in mind -and the ones we’ve started to claim -have little to do with sixties radicalism. This is a kinder, gentler variation on a theme. New Radicals are constructive, hopeful, and positive -and determined to do whatever we can to make the world a better place…

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