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Philanthropic Traveler Registry

The Exquisite Safaris philanthropic mission integrates a guided visit to a humanitarian outreach project into every private, luxury, epicurean experience we create. These personal introductions create authentic cross cultural friendships that generate trust, respect, and generous donations funding philanthropic travel projects worldwide.

Exquisite Safaris formed The Philanthropic Travel Foundation; as a charitable enterprise with the vision to leverage the people, technology and financial assets of Exquisite Safaris Philanthropic Travel Worldwide to strengthen humanitarian efforts in the communities our travelers traverse.

We appeal as human beings to human beings: Remember your humanity, and forget the rest.” – Albert Einstein

Our mission, should you decide to join us, is to connect people at the heart worldwide.

Philanthropic Travel builds bridges through intimate person to person, heart to heart experiences that spark inspired donations which create sustainable humanitarian projects. Our travelers are delivering angel funding for clean water, medical and dental facilities, schools, training, jobs, homes, micro-finance and micro-entrepreneurial guidance.

Once we’ve seen each other up close, we realize that we’re not that different after all. David Chamberlain

Philanthropic travel introduces the world’s most affluent to the world’s most economically disadvantaged people. For many American’s and European’s, it is their first experience with their societal opposite.

Everyone benefits: Philanthropic travelers, experiencing the world with an enlightened intention, (rather than a non philanthropic luxury holiday package) are compelled to generosity in action. Simultaneously, their economically disadvantaged hosts gift a priceless experience in cultural character, individual strength, ancient indigenous tradition, cooperative spirit, and the day to day wisdom that has powered their daily march for survival.

These moments of meeting have been consistently cited as turning points in life for Exquisite Safaris clients. The many inspired lessons of Philanthropic Travel flow freely to those who take the trip.

For most developing countries, tourism is their largest revenue-producing industry. Philanthropic travel, even if it’s just a fraction of a percentage of global tourism, has the potential to improve millions of lives worldwide. Your generosity as an altruistic traveler can help reduce the staggering economic inequalities, and stem the fear based militarization of our contemporary world -through personal bonding.

Expand your international understanding and perspectives, open your heart, raise your awareness, educate your children, empower peace through your personal actions, be the change you wish to see.

Philanthropic travel creates new streams of humanitarian and economic assistance to empower indigenous people, preserve their cultural heritage and protect environmentally threatened biodiversity –but at its core philanthropic travel is about connecting people at the heart.

“Be ashamed to die before you have won some battle for humanity.”
Horace Mann

“No piled up wealth, no social station, no throne, reaches as high as that spiritual plane upon which every human stands by virtue of his humanity.”
– Chapin

“True humanity pertains rather to the mind than to the nerves, and prompts men to use real and active endeavors to execute the actions which it suggests.”
Charles James Fox

“The age of chivalry has gone; the age of humanity has come.”
Charles Sumner

“The ingratitude of the world can never deprive us of the conscious happiness of having acted with humanity ourselves.”
– Goldsmith

“Woman, above all other educators, educated humanity. Man is the brain, but woman is the heart of humanity.”
Samuel Smiles

“Humanity is the Son of God.”
Theodore Parker

“Our humanity were a poor thing but for the divinity that stirs within us.”
– Anonymous

“There is nothing on earth divine besides humanity.”

“One sole God; one sole ruler. His law; one sole interpreter of that law – humanity.”

“The great duty of God’s children is to love one another. This duty on earth takes the name and form of the law of humanity. We are to recognize all men as brethren, no matter where born, or under what sky, or institution or religion they may live. Every man belongs to the race, and owes a duty to mankind…..Men cannot, by combining themselves into narrower or larger societies sever the sacred, blessed bond which joins them to their kind. The law of humanity must reign over the assertion of all human rights.”
William Ellery Channing

For more information on Philanthropic Travel Foundation, please contact us.

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