Understanding Travelers Philanthropy

Voices from the Wilderness: Travel Philanthropy

Kids near Kisumu, Kenya by Teddy Van Beuren

I would definately take a philanthropic vacation. Travel is the best way to share cultures and build social bridges, when you add a humanitarian element, it makes it all the more worthwhile. Rob Cochran Writer/Creative Consultant – Baja California, Mexico

* I have taken a philanthropic vacation and I will again. Doing good while . . . playing well is a win/win. My work on donor resilience and preventing donor fatigue cites research of many others documenting that the “givers-high” (as I call it) that comes from doing good for others, strengthens the immune system; improves sense of wellbeing and improves body functioning is ways that are just now starting to be understood. The PhilanthropyNow/Luxury Institute survey of 900 Wealthy Americans found that “11% had already participated in community service vacations where you dedicate a day or more of your vacation time to local community (the one you are visiting) betterment and fund it yourself. An additional 20% say they are considering doing it”. Those surveyed with more than $5 million of net worth were more likely (30% had already done it) to participate in travel philanthropy than those with net worth under $5 million.
Charles B. Maclean Donor Advocate – Philanthropy Coach-Researcher – Portland, Oregon, USA

* I think this is an idea whose time has come. People (self included) are going to take luxury vacations anyway. This is a smart and easy way to couple it with a positive result. Manny S. Advertising Executive – Portland, OR

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