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“Q” Fund partners with Exquisite Safaris Philanthropic Travel

The future of Botswana by Chellie Kew

“Q” Fund partners with Exquisite Safaris Philanthropic Travel
“We are very proud to have partnered with Exquisite Safaris, a pioneer in private, luxury, philanthropic travel. Through their partnership with the Q fund, philanthropic travelers to Africa will be taken to see the work at Chimoza Community school first-hand, and given the opportunity to contribute to the effort there.

Sustainability is the key to the longevity of any and all projects. ‘Charity’ in the long run fails. With sufficient resources used in an innovative and compassionate manner, these children represent not disaster, but opportunity. They can become in Africa what the economist would call the new middle class, what the political scientist would call the fertile ground from which will spring a new democracy, what the entrepreneur would recognize as new consumers and a new workforce, and what the visionary would see as new leadership.” –Chellie Kew, Founder: Q Fund

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The “Q” Fund is a non-profit, social enterprise founded with the vision of implementing sustainable solutions to eradicate poverty among millions of children left orphaned by the AIDS virus in sub-Saharan Africa. By providing locally-supported, community-based education, today’s African children will continue to become tomorrow’s teachers, doctors, farmers, artists and leaders.

The Q Fund mission can only be achieved through your generous donations. With your help, we can eradicate illiteracy, overpopulation, and forever turn the tide on HIV and AIDS and the millions of innocent children caught in its wake.

READ: African Journal -A Child’s Continent by Chellie Kew
DONATE: Support the “Q” Fund
TRAVEL: Visit Chimoza Community School in Zambia with Exquisite Safaris Philanthropic Travel Worldwide

Your book is beautiful with wonderful pictures and a great message.
-Maria T. Finch, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Thank you for your compassionate commitment to the AIDS crisis and best wishes to you and your foundation.
Ms. Sharon Leigh, The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation

What a fascinating, well written book. I was impressed by the quality reproduction of the pictures. They added so much to the book. The cover was eye catching and appropriate. The author writes well and this was a joy to review. The print quality of this book is exceptional. The layout is top-notch. Throughout the pages of this book the author’s passion for the subject comes to light. Kew uses words sparingly, but in this case less is more and the photographs prove that a picture is worth more than a thousand words.
-Writers Digest 11th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards, Category: Life Stories

Ms. Kew’s stories are poignant and spare, and her portraits reach through the eyes to touch the heart. African Journal profoundly illustrates a tragic and unseen world that is nonetheless filled with courage, hope and dignity.
-Craig Joseph Danner Author of Himalayan Dhaba

My family very much enjoyed African Journal.
-Jean Charest Premier of Quebec

“Standing on the plains of Africa, seeing the acres of orphans, even strong souls have despaired. But you have seen the children reach for hands no longer there, and extended your own, full of hope.”
-Artist and author Mary Fisher Special Representative for UNAIDS:the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

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