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Q: How does Exquisite Safaris measure the impact and outcomes of my philanthropic involvement?

A: One dollar goes a long way in places like Zambia, Cambodia, Kenya, India and Bhutan. The average wage of the 40% of the population that finds employment in the Third World is just $2 a day.

Our mission is to introduce, inspire and educate prospective travelers how they can become philanthropic travelers. We believe that by facilitating meaningful relationships through travel our biggest impact will be in creating a more tolerant, understanding and peaceful world.

Exquisite Safaris Philanthropic Travel measures the impact and outcome of individual philanthropic involvement by its ability to connecting people at the heart facilitating long term friendships and partnerships that enrich all involved. Here are some excellent examples:
Visionary Philanthropic Traveler: Chellie Kew
Milton & Fred Ochieng: Philanthropic Travelers
Jane Kaye- Bailey: Philanthropic Traveler

Q: How are charitable tax deductions from contributions to international NGO’s arranged?

A: Many of our humanitarian partners have their own 501c(3) status. When they don’t, we have partner relationships with organizations like UniversalGiving.org that enable tax deductible giving under their organizational umbrella.

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Travel Philanthropists:
Milton & Fred Ochieng: Philanthropic Travelers
Jane Kaye- Bailey: Philanthropic Traveler
Richard Branson: Philanthropic Traveler
Angelina Jolie: Philanthropic Traveler
Karen Jacobsen: Philanthropic Traveler
Oprah Winfrey: Philanthropic Traveler
Palm Beach Life Magazine: Philanthropic Travelers

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